List of works


Aleatüde (1998) >> more

solo oboe


Heartbreak Motel/a dog named garage (2003-2004) >> more

double bass, percussion


Amarcord (2002-2003) >>more

solo double bass


oibbinadocS (2003-2004) >>more

solo double bass,


Menuet in C (2004) >>more

tring trio, percussion


Sonate in B: Allegro - Andante (2004) >>more

double bass, percussion


Lost in translation (2005)

solo saxophone


oibbinadocS (version for violin and double bass, 2008) >>more

violin, double bass


Shared moments (2008) >>more

double bass, tape


Light (2008-2009) >>more

double bass, violin


Glasperlenspiel (2009-2010) >>more

double bass, vocal tenor


Kárma (2010) >>more

double bass and 4 female voices


Føn (2012)

solo double bass


El bajo cantaor (2012) >>more

solo double bass


Melodía de los sueños (2012) >>more

double bass, french horn


Melodía (solo en el sueño) (2012) >>more

solo double bass


Tablón-Táctil-Pulsar-Sonar (2012) >>more

solo double bass


Solen (2013) >>more

string quartet


h-moll (2014) >>more

double bass, folk singer and glass harmonica


H-Moll/D-Dur (or si minore/re maggiore) (2014) >>more

solo double bass


Maltstein-suiten (2014) >>more

double bass, cello


Kristiania (2014)

solo double bass


Traditional Norwegian Folk Tunes arranged for Double Bass (2015-) >>more

solo double bass


Draumkvedet - vil du meg lye (2015) >>more

double bass, folk singer, electroacoustic sound and video projection


Microtonal tuning pieces (2016-) >>more

A series of works for solo double bass in microtonal tunings


North of the Mountains (2016) >>more

Eight double basses


North of the Mountains (for two double basses) (2016) >>more

Two double basses


The Ark (2017) >>more

Solo double bass and ensemble


Høstlått (2017) >>more

4 double basses in microtonal tunings and 4 prepared mini harmonicas


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