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New Techniques – New Works

Through musical examples, with basis in my own works, I aim to illustrate and discuss novel playing techniques that has been subject to a recent development, beginning with the work oibbinadocS from 2004 and extending through the fellowship period where I composed the works Light, Shared moments and Glasperlenspiel. The techniques being part of this investigation, which all are main constituents of my compositions, are based on harmonics and multiphonics. While this presentation focuses on the flageolet techniques, a thorough description of multiphonics is given in the text Multiphonics on the Double Bass.

The point of departure for my artistic work has been the discovery and ongoing study of the music of Stefano Scodanibbio. From his early works around 1980 to Sequenza XIVb, one of his recent works for solo double bass, we find a constant quest to create new variations on the flageolet theme (‘harmonic’ and ‘flageolet’ are used interchangeably throughout the text). He has built an innovating musical language on the double bass by integrating remarkably idiomatic combinations of harmonics and normal tones with a number of bowing and pizzicato techniques. Works of Fernando Grillo and Salvatore Sciarrino, having inspired Scodanibbio, also serve as guides in the notation of harmonics and related techniques. And examples from compositions of Lars-Petter Hagen and Helmut Oehring, being central in my work during the fellowship period, provide further illustrations of harmonics and multiphonics.