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Result and documentation

The work will be presented as three sub-projects: two artistic parts as well as an investigative part. Playing and performing concerts have a large focus in the project. In this way, the artistic result will be documented, the results will be presented for an audience and new experiences gathered. Each concert will focus on various aspects of the project, and as a whole the concerts will provide a broad musical presentation of the problem areas. Further, I will have a unique opportunity to play in a duo with Stefano Scodanibbio.

The planned CD recording provides important additional documentation, which will be supplemented by the concert recordings. The CD recording is important as a unique artistic work, documentation and as a means of reaching a larger audience. CD recordings allow one to work with timbre and enhance specific details in the sound to a greater extent than is possible in live situations. All the music that I am working with in this project is suitable for both live performances and recording.

The project's other artistic element is the development of new playing techniques and the compositions Glasperlenspiel, Light and naturale. Here, the development, composition and performance are interwoven processes where practising and experimenting with playing techniques build the knowledge and the material used in the compositions. The documentation of my own works will be completed with the scores, concert performances and a CD recording. Novel playing techniques will also be presented through concert performances of a new work by Lars-Petter Hagen.

The investigative part of this project will be presented in two texts, where the main groups of playing techniques, harmonics and multiphonics as well as some percussive techniques are presented and demonstrated. Here I also wish to allow for space for reflection and discussion of the project's themes.


Appendix 1: Secondary works

Amarcord (2003) and oibbinadocS (2004) by Håkon Thelin provide examples of complex use of flageolets and multiphonics and, to a lesser extent, percussive effects.

Various other works of Stefano Scodanibbio, for example Da una certa nebbia (2002), Jardins d’Hamilcar (1990) and Geografia amorosa (1994), provide examples of flageolet and percussive techniques.

The solo section of Giants of Jazz (1999-2001) by Øyvind Torvund provides examples of flageolets and multiphonics.

Cono di fede (2004) by Atli Ingolfsson provides examples of flageolet and some percussive techniques.

Foxfire Zwei (1994/2007) by Helmut Oehring provides examples of flageolets and multiphonics.

A number of other secondary works may also be performed during the period.

Appendix 2: References

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Appendix 3: Joëlle x3: mini festival with world famous female french doublebassist

As part of the research fellowship and as an extension of my previous position as a teacher in the subject Improvisation-based contemporary music at the Norwegian Academy of Music, I have invited the French double-bassist Joëlle Leandre to Oslo and the Academy. Here, she will play 3 concerts over 4 days and teach and hold masterclasses at the Music Academy.

The programme is as follows:

Sound of Mu, Thursday 28/2 2008 8pm: Tony Conrad (US)+Joëlle Leandre. Improvised music. Arr: Dans for voksne

Norwegian Academy of Music, Levin Hall, Sunday 2/3 7pm: Håkon Thelin presents Joëlle Leandre solo.

Works by John Cage and Giachinto Scelsi together with own compositions and improvisations.

The concert is held in cooperation with the Norwegian Academy of Music and Ny Musikk, and is supported by the Fond for utøvende kunstnere.

Belleville, Monday 3/3: SPUNK/Joëlle Leandre


In addition to these concerts, Joëlle Leandre will hold seminars and masterclasses at the Norwegian Academy of Music on Thursday 28/2 and Friday 29/2.