Shared moments

Shared moments

2008; dur. 10'55''; Double Bass,Tape; Score at NB Noter

Released on the album Light

This piece and some of its techniques were discussed in detail in my PhD dissertation, link here.

In Luciano Berio’s Naturale (about Sicilian melodies), a work from 1985 for viola, percussion and recorded voice, the performers plays together with pre-recorded Sicilian traditional folksong. Naturale sparkeled my imagination to write Shared moments, where I used a similar strategy by letting the double bass plays together with recordings of Indian tablas, as well as pre-recorded bass sounds. In Shared moments I experiment with harmonics, multiphonics and percussive techniques, and the work is composed on the basis of an intuitive approach, in which improvisation and experimentation with the playing techniques form the basis. Two different thematicsections, one being played arco and the other pizzicato, consisting of rhythmical and timbral elements are set against each other, and the material within these is varied and developed as the piece unfolds. Towards the middle of the piece, a contrasting third part emerges, which is, interacting with the tabla, represented by an adapted Indian melody. Reminiscences of the melody appear later in the piece, this time in the tape part. The process of composing Shared moments was more about putting together a unique soundscape than presenting the more conventional musical narratives. The recorded sounds usually functions as an additive to the acoustical sound. They alter the original sound in varying degrees, create either gradual or overlapping transformations between sounds or change completely the auditory effect. Often one does not know whether one can distinguish between the acoustic and electroacoustic tone.

Rodrigo Mata playing Shared moments >