Sterbendes Hertz

Sterbendes Hertz

2021; dur. 33'30''; Double Bass, Sine Tones; Score at NB Noter

This piece takes emotions that emerged during a demanding period of the corona pandemic, and transforms them into sound. It reflects growing dissonances within the family and society, and structures that are gradually disintegrating and coming together again.

The work is composed of two musical parts (and a third middle section) and organized in repeated sections of 30 seconds. For each repeat, two unison (or almost unison) sine tones move apart in step-descending or ascending intervals (in Hertz). The open strings of the bass are almost imperceptibly tuned down or up to match the sine tones, which moves further and further away from the output tone, thus creating interference tones (beatings) in different pulses. In the sections where the strings are retuned, I use the little-known playing technique called «spectral phase difference bowing», which is a kind of rhythmic tremolo played flautando, where each change of bow, in addition to the usual attack, has a second, slightly delayed attack of the note.

I recommend listening with headphones, as the piece has very low sine tones plus panning that lets the ears perceive the sound in different ways.

Released on the album Spektralkompass - Sterbendes Hertz