Aletüde (1998)

Solo oboe

Heartbreak Motel/a dog named garage (2004)

Double bass, percussion

Amarcord (2003)

Solo double bass

oibbinadocS (2004)

Solo double bass

Menuet in C (2004)

String trio, percussion

Sonate in B: Andante - Allegro (2004)

Double bass, percussion

oibbinadocS (version for violin and bass, 2008)

Violin, double bass

Shared moments (2008)

Double bass, tape

Light (2009)

Double bass, violin

Glasperlenspiel (2010)

Double bass, vocal tenor

Kárma (2010)

Double bass, 4 female voices

Føn (2012)

Double bass

El bajo cantaor (2012)

Double bass

Melodía de los sueños (2012)

Double bass, french horn

Melodía (solo en el sueño) (2012)

Double bass

Tablón-Táctil-Pulsar-Sonar (2012)

Double bass

Solen (2013)

String quartet

Commisioned by the Faust Quartet

Maltstein-suiten (2014)

Double bass, cello

h-moll (2014)

double bass, folk singer, glass harmonica

H-moll/D-dur (2014)

Double bass

Kristiania (2014)

Double bass

Traditional Norwegian Folk Tunes

Arranged for double bass

Draumkvedet - vil du meg lye (2015)

Double bass, folk singer, electroacoustic sound and video projection

North of the Mountains (2016)

Eight double basses

Commisioned by Kristian Henriksen (DNO&B)

North of the Mountains (2016)

Two double basses

Microtonal Tuning Pieces: Bukkehornspolsen (2016)

Double bass

Microtonal Tuning Pieces: Hør en kråke (2016)

Double bass

Microtonal Tuning Pieces: Blått (2016)

Double bass

Microtonal Tuning Pieces: Leken hass Håkon (2016)

Double bass

The Ark (2017)

Solo double bass and ensemble

Commisioned by Oslo Sinfonietta

Snurr/Spin (2017)

Free instrumentation

Høstlått (Autumn tune) (2017)

4 double basses in microtonal tunings and 4 prepared mini harmonicas

Commisioned by the Warsawa Autumn Festival

Og graset ut


Two songs with texts by Ingebjørg Loe Bjørnstad (2017)

Commisioned by Josefine visescene

Microtonal Tuning Pieces: Maltsteinen (2018)

Double bass

Microtonal Tuning Pieces: Stemmeslått (2018)

Double bass

Evening hymn (2018)

Double bass

Für Irma (2020)

String quartet

Commisioned by Oslo Quartet Series

Malted Earth (2020/2022)

Double bass, violin, prepared piano, string ensemble

Commisioned by Ensemble Allegria

Die Uniform (text Peter Scher)

Immer wieder "neue Herrn" (text Karl Kinndt)

An AH (text Peter Scher)

Lied im Herbst (text Emmy Ball-Hennings)

Songs for the theater play Simplicissimus by Knut Nærum and Tormod Lindgren (2020)

Commisioned by Theater Corpus

Random Partials (2020)

Double bass, piano

Random Partials (1-12th harmonic) Version 1 (2020)

Double bass, piano

Random Partials (1-12th harmonic) Version 2 (2020)

Double bass, piano

Random Partials (1-16th harmonic) Version 2 (2020)

Double bass, piano

Random Partials (1-7th harmonic) Version 1 (2021)

Violin, piano

Random Partials (1-11th harmonic) Version 3 (2021)

4 double basses, piano

Ferrytail (2021)

Double bass

Nostalgia - Cancion Mixteca di Stefano Scodanibbio, arrangiamento per quartetto di contrabbassi di Håkon Thelin (2021)

4 double basses

Twinings (2022)

Double bass, piano

Spektralkompass (2022)

Commisioned by Rodrigo Mata

Sterbendes Hertz (2022)

Double bass, sinustones